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Year 4: Cairo

Our Local Study 

Cairo Class really enjoyed the walk from the school across Cassiobury park and down to the Grand Union Canal and Gade River. During the walk across the park, we learned a little of the history of the park and the owners of Cassiobury House, originally a Tudor building, but rebuilt for the Earl of Essex in the 17th century.

Although the house is no longer in the park, (it was demolished in 1927) there are clear screens projecting images of the original buildings allowing us to take a walk back in time. 

The children looked at both the canal and the river - comparing their features and asking relevant questions. We also studied the two bridges and were able to identify what type of bridge they were from our design and technology topic on bridges.  

Back at school the children were full of questions, which we will investigate and research over the course of the term.  

Questions included:

"How long is the River Gade?"

'How many tributaries does the River Gade have?'

"What is the longest river in the UK?"

'Which River does the River Gade join?'

'How long is the Grand Union canal?'

"How was the River Gade named?

'What is a weir?'

We look forward to learning all about these two waterways over the next few weeks.

Welcome Back!

Welcome back Cairo Class. Here is our class newsletter to show what our Spring Term will look like.

Ashmolean Trip

Year 4 had a wonderful trip to the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford. The children saw some fantastic artifacts, getting hands on experience. Thank you to all our volunteers, the trip was very enjoyable.



We set our homework on Monday every week, we kindly ask that it be handed in Thursday the same week. This allows your child to practice their new found knowledge over the week and relax over the weekend.


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