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Year 3: Sydney

Making our Moving Monster Mechanisms - Pneumatic Systems

Sydney had a lot of fun trying out their magnetic games. Once again, a fantastic effort by all. Well done Sydney!

Lego Robotic Workshop - Following instructions to create a robot and then using coding to direct the robot.

Summer Term Curriculum Newsletter

Well done to those of you in Sydney who created a fantastic Robot as part of our new Design Technology topic - 'Moving Monsters'. I am extremely impressed and proud with the amount of effort, creativity and hard work that has gone into your work. They all look amazing!

Our trip to Beechen Grove Baptist Church for the Easter Story

We created Roman Vases as part of our Roman topic.

As part of Science Week, we looked into the dangers of plastic pollution and discussed ways of reducing its use. As part of a homework project, we created posters to encourage plastic reduction due to the negative impact it is having on our environment and sea life. Well done for your fantastic and creative efforts with this task Sydney, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to your great ideas.

This half term we have been learning a dance with our partner to the song 'I wanna be like you - Robbie Williams' from Jungle Book.

Visiting the chicks

Thank you to our parent volunteer for coming in and doing some Science with us.

Visiting the chick incubator

Sydney had lots of fun building a Roman Aqueduct.

Chick Incubation Project.

Please visit the Science page to check the progress of our chicks.

Comic Relief - Red Nose Day

Comic Relief - Red Nose Day 1
Comic Relief - Red Nose Day 2

Science Week 2019 - Parent Morning. Thank you for those of you that were able to join us. We had a great morning building the strongest bridge using different materials and building a strong boat to hold many marbles before sinking.

Science Week 2019 - Our fantastic visit from Falconry UK involved seeing and learning about different birds of prey.

Falconry UK Visit 

On Monday, we had a fantastic visit for Falconry UK as part of our Science week. We all had the opportunity to see and learn about different birds of prey including owls. Children had the opportunity to hold some of the birds and needed to wear the 'gauntlet' in order to hold them. We learnt some amazing facts about some of the different birds including:

  • They have a natural waterproof oil on their feathers which protects them from the wet weather.
  • We met Bailey - an African White Faced Scops Owl. He has big eyes so he can see in the dark. He can see in the dark for up to 1 mile away! 75% of his head is his skull; therefore he only has a small brain meaning he is not very intelligent.  
  • We found out that if the bird had light coloured eyes, they would hunt in the day; meaning they are diurnal. If they had black eyes, they would hunt at night, meaning they are nocturnal.  Barn Owls hunt all day long.
  • We met Blue - a Blue Winged Kookaburra from Australia (2nd largest Kingfisher.) He is able to keep his head still while the rest of his body moves. 
  • We also had the pleasure in meeting a Tawny Frogmouth from Australia/Papua New Guinea, a baby owl and also a Siberian Eagle Owl from Russia (one of the largest in the world.) We were extremely interested to find out that a Siberian Eagle Owl's grip is as strong as a crocodile bite! 

Questions to Support Reading

Science - Creating Our Own Skeleton and Labelling The Main Bones.

Maths Week - We have been focusing on Data and Statistics this week in Maths. Some of our parents joined us for a Maths morning to help us with our learning of pictograms and bar charts. Thank you for joining us, we hope you enjoyed it.

Spring Term Curriculum Newsletter

Wishing everybody in Sydney Class a Very Merry Christmas and I hope you all have a Happy and Healthy New Year. Enjoy your break with families.

Sydney Class Assembly. Well done to all of Sydney Class, I am very proud of you all!

Creating Aborginal Art- Dot Painting Boomerangs

We had a fantastic night sleeping over in the school. We played many games which developed our teamwork and encouraged resilience. The children were all very well behaved and thoroughly enjoyed themselves; we are very proud of them!

Sydney Class Assembly - Wednesday 12th December, 9:10am.

Please could you support your child in learning their lines for our class assembly. Some children have asked to learn the song at home which is 'Home Among the Gum trees.' 

Thank you for your support

Mrs Knight

We had a fantastic day at Celtic Harmony learning a little bit more about 'The Stone Age'. Some of the activities included den building in teams, making a Stone Age dinner which involved crushing herbs to create a soup, as well as learning how animals were hunted and caught using spears. The children thoroughly enjoyed the day and learned lots more through the use of our hands on activities.

We created Bronze Age Pots as part of D&T.

In Science we tested the properties of different rocks including; Limestone, Slate, Sandstone and Marble. We looked at the density, durability including the hardness, and also the permeability of the rocks.

Making Chocolate Sedimentary Rocks in preparation for Instruction writing.

Making Fossils as part of Science.

Autumn 1 Spelling Overview

Clarification of Homework Days.

Homework will be set on a Thursday and is due back the following Monday. 

Thank you,

Mrs  Knight

We had a very exciting morning with our visit from the Premier League Stars, which included seeing the 'Real' Premier League Trophy as well as Harry the Hornet

Year 3 Recommended Reading List

Year 3 Curriculum Overview

Welcome to Year 3 Sydney

Welcome back, I hope you all had a lovely Summer break and are ready for the new academic year as Year 3's. Our first week back in school was very busy and the children have started to adjust themselves well for KS2. We have focused on the standards for KS2 and are starting to really focus on this in our work.

Thank you to those of you that created some amazing work over the holidays based on our new class name 'Sydney.' I can see a lot of work, time and research went into these projects and you should all be very proud of your efforts.

Well done!