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Reception: Cardiff

Welcome to Reception

Hello and welcome to Cardiff class!

Class Teacher: Mr Shaw

LSP: Ms Miller

Reception Curriculum Overview

Reception Curriculum Meeting

Home Learning
Home Learning Tasks

30 Day Lego Challenge

Activity sheet for daily exercise

Useful websites

Reception Recommended Reading List

Mental Health & Well-being 


You can support children with their mental health in many different ways. You can give them ways to record their feelings on paper, help them to create positive plans for change, reflect on their best qualities with them or find positive ways of distracting them when they feel overwhelmed. These activities facilitate different methods of helping children develop positive coping strategies with a wide variety of resources to help with mental health.

Singing Assembly

Missing Singing Assembly? Here’s some songs we know and some songs we will be learning when we return to school. After the Easter holidays, a new song will be added each week. Have fun!

From Miss Rawcliffe.