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Lanchester Primary School

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Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education.

PSHCE Education Overview

At Lanchester, we believe that every child is unique and every child will reach their full potential if their wellbeing is at the centre of our teaching. 


Our PSHE curriculum consists of the Jigsaw framework, which has a mindful approach to learning and aims to build on children's intrinsic curiosity. With well-planned teaching and learning opportunities, children gain knowledge, skills and experience that support their ongoing development. Integrating this personal and social development work into a comprehensive Personal, Social, Health Education (Health and Well-being) curriculum gives the relevant context to build skills, attitudes, self esteem, resilience and confidence, all of which are taught explicitly as well as nurtured
implicitly, thereby demanding a well-structured learning journey. 


Sex and Relationship Education

Part of the PSHE curriculum across all year groups from Reception to Year 6 have a topic known as Relationships. This is part of the National curriculum and taught across the country. At Lanchester we teach it in the second half of the summer term. It varies from year groups and becomes more in depth in the older year groups. Children start to look at body parts and how to stay safe and learn about what relationships are. This is a really important aspect of the curriculum to keep all children safe. The document above outlines the learning objectives for each year group.