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Online Safety (E-Safety)

Online Safety

There are many benefits of having the use and accessibility to the internet and technology, the internet is an exciting and fun place for children to use and explore  educationally and socially. However, we need to ensure that children are properly equipped to be able to use and navigate through the internet in an appropriate and safe way. In school the children learn how to use the internet safely and wisely. They are taught how to keep themselves safe when using the internet and we ensure they know what to do if they feel worried or unhappy about something whilst using the computer (telling an adult or teacher.) The children are taught about personal information and how to keep this safe.

With the increasing use of technologies and with so many new technologies being readily available, such as I-pads and smart phones, it is important that  both parents and school talk about privacy and safety with their children, starting from a very young age.  

There are many resources available to enable this, we hope that some of the links below provide you with a starting point and some valuable ideas of how to address this learning with your child. 



Here are some web links/documents to further support Online Safety.

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