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Lanchester Primary School

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House System

This year we have further developed the House System. All children in the school have been allocated a House: Curie, Sharman, Alhazen, Carter.

House points can be awarded to children for great effort in their work, for producing an excellent piece of work, for showing great kindness to others, and for demonstrating excellent behaviour as a means of reward. They can also be awarded at break time and lunchtime, demonstrating a consistent approach to rewards throughout the school.

Year 4 pupils took part in a democratic vote to elect House Captains for each of these Houses.

We are inspired by men and women, across time, and across the world.

Curie House

Marie Curie Digital Story

I created this video as a final project for my teaching with technology course, our assignment was to create a digital story, on any subject, I choose Madame Marie Curie as I'm going to be a science teacher and want to inspire and inform students about the many contributions of female scientists.

Carver House

George Washington Carver Biography for Kids | Classroom Edition

Learn about George Washington Carver in this biography for kids! Kids will learn all about George Washington Carver, a brilliant inventor that impacted what we eat to this day! Homeschool Pop offers a unique, dynamic learning experience.

Sharman House

The first Briton in space

In May 1991, Helen Sharman became the first Briton in space. The Soyuz TM-12 mission, which included Soviet cosmonauts Anatoly Artsebarsky and Sergei Krikalev, launched on 18 May and lasted eight days, most of that time spent at the Mir space station.

Alhazen House

Ibn Al Haytham - SOS Fast Facts

The Fast Facts Collection was originally produced for the edutainment reality TV program Stars of Science, a Qatar Foundation initiative. The program has successfully brought science and technology closer to millions of viewers across the Arab world. مجموعة تقاريرالحقائق السريعة أنتجت خصيصاً للبرنامج التلفزيوني التعليمي/الترفيهي "نجوم العلوم" الذي أطلق بمبادرة من مؤسسة قطر.