Due to the national lock-down restrictions, we are unable to offer face-to-face School tours. We are delighted to offer you a virtual tour including a virtual meet the teacher video. Please see our website (Menu>About Us>School Tour) and review our School brochure (Menu>Parents>School brochure). You are welcome to call and speak to us if they would like to on: 01923 224 160 or email us at:

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Extra-Curricular Clubs

Year 2 Art Club- Turning our knowledge of the Nutcracker into Artwork

Year 1 ICT - Coding use the beebots. The children also programmed the Beebots to make a square.

Yoga Club

Music Club

Year 2 ICT Club - We have learnt how to create Powerpoints, add backgrounds and use animations to engage the audience.

Extra Curriculum Clubs Rota - Autumn 2016

Year 1 Boardgames - We have begun our Chess journey, Year 1's enjoyed their first session of Chess!

Year 1 Computing - Today we were introduced to the langauge 'coding' and 'algorithms.'

Year 2 detectives nailed it in our last club They have shown their agility going “over and under” the infrared rays, their observation skills by filling in a “suspect form” and they even had time to crack a secret code. Well done, Year 2! “Golden detectives company” scored the most points by solving the challenges, with Cecilia as their captain.

Year 1 ICT club - Today we used the laptops for the first time! The children were given the opportunity to explore the basics of the laptop and then explore the programme 'paint.'

Year 2 D&T Club - The children tested out instruments, then planned and designed our own instruments and then created our own musical instruments using recycled materials.