Admisssions Policy Consultation for 2022-23 is now running, please go to our school policies page for further details School tours are on hold during the national lock-down. Please contact us via email or phone and leave us your contact details. We shall endeavor to contact you once we have further guidance to resume the tours. In the meantime, you may also want to view our Virtual Tour on our website (please click the Virtual Tour button under the Menu button) and review our school brochure (Menu>Parents>School brochure).

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Extra-Curricular Clubs

Year 2 Art Club- Turning our knowledge of the Nutcracker into Artwork

Year 1 ICT - Coding use the beebots. The children also programmed the Beebots to make a square.

Yoga Club

Music Club

Year 2 ICT Club - We have learnt how to create Powerpoints, add backgrounds and use animations to engage the audience.

Extra Curriculum Clubs Rota - Autumn 2016

Year 1 Boardgames - We have begun our Chess journey, Year 1's enjoyed their first session of Chess!

Year 1 Computing - Today we were introduced to the langauge 'coding' and 'algorithms.'

Year 2 detectives nailed it in our last club They have shown their agility going “over and under” the infrared rays, their observation skills by filling in a “suspect form” and they even had time to crack a secret code. Well done, Year 2! “Golden detectives company” scored the most points by solving the challenges, with Cecilia as their captain.

Year 1 ICT club - Today we used the laptops for the first time! The children were given the opportunity to explore the basics of the laptop and then explore the programme 'paint.'

Year 2 D&T Club - The children tested out instruments, then planned and designed our own instruments and then created our own musical instruments using recycled materials.