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Computing at Lanchester!


The children at Lanchester are able to develop and focus their skills in computing in a variety of engaging ways with the use of different technologies available including Ipads, laptops and Beebots which support and develop their coding (programming) skills. The children in all year groups have the opportunity to take part in a focused computing lesson at least once a week using the technology available and then at other times during the day to support different areas of learning. We now have enough laptops and Ipads for each child to have access to in each computing lesson. Online safety underpins the use of technology at Lanchester and is taught explicitly to all pupils to ensure they are aware of how to use technology safely. We ensure pupils know how to keep themselves safe whilst using the internet and also encourage parents to support this. We participate in Online Safety Day during the year and invite parents in to see what we will be teaching the pupils.  In computing, the children learn about:

  • Online safety
  • Coding (understanding what algorithms are)
  • Using the internet as a source of information effectively
  • Communication with computing

  • Using of a variety of computer programs and technology

  • Using digital devices (printers, digital cameras, I-pad’s) within a computer network.

Computing Overview

How to stay safe when online . . .

Take a look at our 'Online Safety' page to find out more about keeping your child safe when online!