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Lanchester Primary School

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Assessment is both formative and summative. Our teachers recognise the importance of individual verbal feedback. We ensure that our feedback and marking is done with the child to ensure they are aware of how they need to improve and progress their learning. All children receive Next Steps marking feedback weekly from their teachers to help them progress.  At Lanchester we recognise the change in approach to Assessment on a national level and we value the teacher judgement on the whole child’s assessment.

We assess against the National Curriculum.

Our assessments in reading are based on a holistic judgement and evidence from:

  • Guided Reading formative notes
  • Colour Band/levels
  • Reading Comprehension lesson formative notes
  • Phonics assessment
  • Timed Reading exercises
  • Hertfordshire Assessment Criteria.

Our assessments in writing are based on holistic judgements and evidence from:

  • English Books
  • Writing moderation (in school and across schools)
  • Phonics assessment
  • Hertfordshire Assessment Criteria

Our assessment in mathematics are based on holistic judgements and evidence from:

  • Destination question analysis 
  • Mastery questions from NCETM 
  • ESSENTIALmaths diagnostic tests
  • NFER tests 
  • Test base tests  
  • Hertfordshire Assessment Criteria. 


We report children's progress and attainment to parents through parents evenings and a written report sent home where we share children's learning journey and next steps with parents. Teachers are available for continued dialogue throughout the term.