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Year 3: Wellington

Roman Emperor Art- the whole of Wellington class worked extremely hard on their Roman Emperor collages. Well done Wellington they look fantastic!

Chick Incubation Project- the children loved observing the chicks hatch and their early stages of life.

Roman Aqueducts- as part of our Romans topic we looked at why aqueducts were used and why they were such a great invention. The children then attempted to make their own Roman Aqueducts, which we then tested to see if water could be transported through them.

Spring 2 Weekly Spelling Overview

Science Week! Thank you to all the parents who joined us for our STEM morning, we loved having you helping us to learn.

Dance Lessons - the children are all thoroughly enjoying their dance lessons. They are currently working in pairs to perform a dance to a song from the Jungle Book.

Merry Christmas

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas. Well done for all your hard work this term. A big thank you to parents for your ongoing support and all your lovely gifts, it's greatly appreciated. 


Miss Kirby

Making a Healthy Sandwich! The children loved making their sandwiches as part of our English and D&T learning. They all wrote brilliant instructions afterwards too! Well done Wellington.

Cave Paintings and Stone Age Pottery. Well done for all your hard work this half term. I hope you all have a lovely break. Miss Kirby

Science- testing rocks durability, density and permeability

Instruction Writing- today we made chocolate rocks in preparation for writing a set of instructions on the method we carried out.

Science Making Fossils

Autumn 1 Spelling Weekly Overview

Premier League Trophy Visit. We had an amazing morning with the Premier League where we got a chance to have a photo with the trophy and meet Harry The Hornet. We then had a brilliant practical session with Watford Football Club.

Year 3 Curriculum Meeting for Parents

Curriculum Overview