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Year 1 Owls

Thank you to all!


I would just like to say a massive thank you to all parents/carers of Owls class for your continued support and kindness this year. I am certainly going to miss all of my little Owls, however I have now got my photo frame to remind me of each and every one of them! Thank you to all children and parents for helping to create a memorable first year for me and a big thank you for all of the lovely gifts received! smiley

End of year class party!

End of year class party! 1
End of year class party! 2
End of year class party! 3
End of year class party! 4
End of year class party! 5
End of year class party! 6
End of year class party! 7
End of year class party! 8
End of year class party! 9
End of year class party! 10
End of year class party! 11
End of year class party! 12
End of year class party! 13
End of year class party! 14
End of year class party! 15

‘Animal’ Class Party.

Dear Parents/Carers,

On Monday 25th July, Owls Class will be having an end of year class party during the afternoon. After having a class discussion, the children have decided that they would like to have an ‘animal’ themed party. Please could your children bring something to eat in which could be shared with the rest of the class. They are also able to bring a change of clothes to change into if they wish.

Could we please ask you to keep the food in the packaging for those with food requirements, and any homemade food to be labelled with ingredients. If your child has known allergies, please feel free to send in something for them.

Many thanks,

Miss Beirne.

Day 1 - Estimating and measuring the capacity of different containers.

Summer 2 show and tell rota - any problems with the dates, e.g. holidays please let me know.

Summer 2- Curriculum Overview and Spelling List

Our wonderful butterflies have emerged!

Our wonderful butterflies have emerged! 1
Our wonderful butterflies have emerged! 2

Year 1 Nature Walk to Cassiobury Park

Planning our 3D junk model character

Planning our 3D junk model character 1
Planning our 3D junk model character 2
Planning our 3D junk model character 3
Planning our 3D junk model character 4
Planning our 3D junk model character 5
Planning our 3D junk model character 6
Planning our 3D junk model character 7
Planning our 3D junk model character 8

We made the Queen a birthday card for her 90th birthday!

We made the Queen a birthday card for her 90th birthday! 1
We made the Queen a birthday card for her 90th birthday! 2
We made the Queen a birthday card for her 90th birthday! 3
We made the Queen a birthday card for her 90th birthday! 4
We made the Queen a birthday card for her 90th birthday! 5

Class Debate for English - 'Should children have more school holidays?'

Parent Volunteers (Reading Mums and Dads)

We are looking for Parent Volunteers in Year 1. This half term our focus is on Reading. If you have any free time we would love for you to come in and listen to children read. If it is as little as 20 min or as much as 1-2 hours, we would greatly appreciate your support. If you feel you are able to volunteer please let Mrs Sawyer or the front office know what days and times you can do.

Thank you for your continued support!

Year 1 Lanchester Team

English - we created brainstorms in groups with our ideas for being 'for' or 'against' having to wear school uniform.

Attention! We need your help!

Please can you bring in any unwanted junk modelling material as we are making recycled art next week.

We need:

Plastic bags

bottle tops


containers (small and large)

boxers (small and large)



crisp packets


paper bags


cardboard tubes

lots of masking tape


Thank you in advance,

Year 1 Team

Maths - Mass. We had fun estimating which objects were heavier/lighter, which then lead us onto 'hefting' with our hands to check and then finally checking our hefting with the balance scales.

Science Week - looking at the changes of state, solid, liquid and gases.

World Book Day.


The children all looked fantastic wearing their book character costumes and they enjoyed letting everybody else have a look at their costumes by walking along the catwalk! Also a  big thank you and well done to the school councillors for reading their favourite books to either the Reception children or another Year 1 class. Thank you all for your donations, much appreciated.


All of the children in Owl's had a great but exhausting day at The Science Museum. They were able to develop their learning in the space section and they all loved seeing the rockets! We then had a look at different materials and linked them to own experiences. They all loved having a look at the planes and learning some new facts from a speaker from the museum. Looking at how home appliances have changed over time enabled the children to recognise how everything changes! To end the day the children were able to explore in the pattern pod which they loved!

Thank you to those of you that supported us on this trip.

Miss Beirne.

Class assembly

We had lots of fun learning our class assembly and all of the children worked very hard to learn their lines. They did really well and myself and Mrs Narulla are very proud! Thank you to all parents for your support given.

International Week.

Owl's had lots of fun learning about different countries during our International week! Thank you to those that supported us to ensure the week was a great success!

International Week - India

International Week - India 1
International Week - India 2

Owl's Class Assembly -  Thursday 11th February.


Next Thursday, Owl's have their class assembly. As we have been focusing on the weather in our inquiry lessons and linking it in to some English lessons, we thought it would be a good theme to focus on. Due to the timings of the assembly (10minutes), we will only be covering rain. This has also been our main focus of weather.

This is a good opportunity for the children to share what they have learnt and show some of their work.


Please could you support your child to read and learn their lines.


Many thanks,

Miss Beirne.


Monday: Canada

Tuesday: Australia

Wednesday: Greece

Thursday: Brazil and China

Friday: India

            "Food Tastings from Around the World" Parents invited to bring a dish and come and share. 3pm-4pm

Thank you to all the parents who have volunteered to help us with our Year 1 International Week.

So far these are the countries of focus.

Monday: Canada

Tuesday: Australia


Thursday: Brazil

Friday: India


After discussions with our International Week Volunteers: we have decided to celebrate our International Week through a "Food Tastings from around the World" session on Friday 29th January from 3pm-4pm (during extra curricular club time) in the school hall. We invite all parents (and siblings) to attend and we would love if as many people as possible could bring a dish from their cultural heritage to share.

  • If your child has to leave at 3pm on this day, this is fine and we will endeavour to get some food for them to take home.
  • If you are unable to attend, you are still able to contribute food- we can collect it from you in the morning and store it appropriately until the 3pm celebration.
  • If you are unable to attend children will still be with their class/club teacher and the normal 4pm pick up time will still apply (after school club will run as per normal times).
  • If you attend and would like to leave before the usual 4pm time- this is fine as long as you tell the class teacher or club leader that you are taking your child- to ensure we have a record of where children are at all times.
  • If food could be labelled with a description of what it is called, which country it is from and a list of ingredients (for allergies and food preferences) it would be greatly appreciated.

We look forward to hopefully seeing you there for the celebration.

Thank you for your continued support,

The Year 1 Lanchester Team

Many parents have asked to have information about Year 1 Maths. Therefore, we have now added Maths to the Spring Term Overview, we hope that this information is useful for you.

The Year 1 Lanchester Team

Welcome back everyone!

I hope you have all had a lovely Christmas break and a well earned rest! I have had a lovely time over the Christmas period spending it with family and getting some rest before the new term commences.


Please look at the following- Spring 1 Curriculum Overview, Spring 1 Spelling List, Spring 1 Show and Tell Rota. If there are any questions please feel free to ask either at morning drop off or via email.

Remember homework for year 1 involves: Home Readers, Bug Club, Abacus and Spelling.

Many parents have asked how many times a week they should be completing these homework tasks, although there is no compulsory specific number, we recommend you use this as a guide to ensure your child is receiving the best support from home.  

Bug Club: 2 times a week (children can read previous books from their Bug Club library)

Home Readers: 4 times a week (children books are exchanged twice a week, so each book should be read at least twice)

Spelling: 4 times a week

Maths: 4 times a week (accessing the games available via the Bug Club Login, games can be revisited from previous weeks)


Thank you for your continued support!

The Lanchester Year 1 Team

D&T Week Homework

Dear Parents,

This week is D&T week. So far in the lead up to this week we have been developing our understanding of structures and architecture in our community and comparing these with different communities around the world. We have also been looking at what materials are needed to build a house and special features of houses in England that ensure insulation. Furthermore, we have explored how we get electricity to our homes and how electricity helps us in everyday life.


As a homework project this week we would like you and your child to have some fun in designing and creating your own 3D model of a house. It could be a house from England or you may like to look into houses from around the world and try to replicate this. Get as creative as you like, in the process talk to your child about the materials you will need, how you will ensure the materials stay together, how will your structure be stable, what features do you need to include, and so forth, Please do not make your structure any bigger than an approximate shoe box size as we would like to put these on display in our school. Feel free to write about the process in the creation of your structure. This D&T project will be due Monday 30th December.

Thank you for your support and HAVE FUN!

The Lanchester Year 1 Team.

Owl class have reached the end of their first half term and we are all feeling very exhausted! They have all settled into year 1 nicely as identified during parents evening. Everybody has worked extremely hard during their first half term and we are very pleased with each and every one. We have also had a new adult join Owl class during the term, Mr Gambles. 


This term we have been focusing on two different books, Grace and Family and The Naughty Bus. From reading these books, the children have been retelling the stories and also creating their own version of their own ‘Naughty Toy’ story, according to their own toys. They were also introduced to writing a recount based on their visit to Chiltern Open Air Museum. A main focus has been looking at using interesting vocabulary, capital letters and full stops. 


We have been looking at number bonds to ten, one more and one less of a number and also writing numbers in words. The use of different resources have been used to support their understanding of the skills in order for them to master the concepts. 


We have looked at old and past toys and discussed how they have changed over time, which has been linked to our topic of ‘Step Back in Time’. The children have had the opportunity to engage in a toy workshop which they found very exciting and they learnt some interesting facts. The trip to Chiltern Open Air Museum also enabled the children to make their own candles which linked to them learning about lighting in the past, making scones and also making their own bricks. 

I hope you all have a lovely and relaxed week off.  Don’t forget to continue reading and carry on completing the tasks on bug club and abacus! 

See you all on the 3rd November. 

British Schools Museum Visit


An understanding of spelling is very important in children's ability to read and write. A reminder that the list of words for this half term are important as they consist of words that children are using in their day to day writing, plus the words are a chance to practice the sounds we are learning in phonics.

Please remember to practice spelling these words with your child. Engaging with these words at least 3 times a week has a very positive impact on their learning.

Thank you for your continued support

Lanchester Year 1 Team


Our cross curricular learning is taking us into the world of toys. We would like your child to bring in one toy to use in class for the next two weeks. We will be using our toy for inspiration with our writing- using it to write descriptions and then using it to write our own story- inspired by the text 'Naughty Bus ' by Jan and Jerry Oke.

A few guidelines with picking the toy....

Please do not let your child bring anything of too much value as we can not be responsible for damaged or misplaced toys.

Please make sure the toy is a suitable size- not too large or too small.

We look forward to sharing our writing creations with you.
Thank you

Lanchester Year 1 Team


Bug Club and Abacus are now up and running. To login to your childs account their username is (first four letters of first name and first four letters of surname) and the password is your childs class name. If your child only has 3 letters in either name then just enter the 3 letters.

For example: Sarah Bloggs from Seagulls Class

Username: sarablog

Password: seagulls

school code: 3ghs

If there are any issues with your login please inform your class teacher and they will endeavour to fix the error ASAP for you.


Chiltern Open Air Museum

With the sun shining we set off on our first trip of Year 1. We were about to “step back in time” and experience life unlike we know it today. The coach ride involved excited voices, animal spotting and singing. When we arrived we got straight into some very hands on activities.

We explored how they had light before people could flick a switch. Ask your child what you can do with a bowl of water and a candle! We then had great fun making our very own beeswax candles.

We got to cook- without an oven! We cooked in a small cottage that was 200 years old and we enjoyed learning about the family who used to live there. Ask your child how they used to measure their ingredients in the Victorian era! We even had our very own milk man deliver some milk for our cooking.

After lunch we enjoyed the castle playground!

Then it was straight to the brickyard to see how some children had to work in the past. We loved getting our hands mucky and filling all the clay into the moulds. Ask your child how we managed to get the clay out of the mould without damaging the brick!

Despite our late arrival back to school (sorry again and thank you for your patience, it was greatly appreciated!) everything during the day ran very smoothly and a great time was had by all! We look forward to drawing upon these experiences in our future lessons about life in the past.

The Year 1 Lanchester Team

Chiltern Open Air Museum Wednesday 23rd September

Welcome to Owl Class. 

Owl class have been very busy since coming back to school and have made a great start! They are now getting into the school routines again and enjoying being the oldest pupils in the school, allowing the reception children to look up to them!


In English we have been focusing on My Mum and My Dad. The children have thought very hard about the adjectives they have chosen to describe their parents and have created some lovely similes with their chosen adjectives.


The pupils have had the opportunity to use and get a feel for the new maths resources within the classroom. They were given different tasks for the resources that were used including using number bonds to 10 using multilink and counters to support addition and subtraction.


The children have had a look at Pablo Picasso and have had fun making portraits of themselves, which were inspired by the Spanish artist. 

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