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Year 1

Online homework - Bug club and Abacus


Bug Club and Abacus is now up and running. 


To login to your child account their username is (first four letters of first name and first four letters of surname) and the password is your child class name. If your child only has 3 letters in either name then just enter the 3 letters.


For example: Sarah Bloggs from Seagulls Class

Username: sarablog

Password: seagulls    (new class name - lowercase)

school code: 3ghs



Extra homework worksheets

Extra homework worksheets 1

To support your child with their handwriting, spelling and reading, we are sending home two new worksheets every Friday.


On the handwriting sheet are the 10 words that the children are learning for their weekly spelling test. Please can you encourage them to write each word carefully as they practise forming their letters correctly.


The second worksheet contains a mixture of real and nonsense words. We would like your child to read these to you and add the sound buttons we use every day in our phonic lessons to encourage them to identify the individual sounds - as shown in the picture above.


A single sound like the letter ‘t’ or ‘s’ will need one sound button (or small circle) drawn underneath. Where two letters like ‘ai’ make a single sound (known as a digraph) or three letters make a single sound like ‘igh’ (known as a trigraph), we would like your child to identify these sounds by drawing a line underneath the letters.


Many thanks for your help.

Homework Spring 2

Homework tasks - spring 1

Weekly spelling list - spring 1 term

Homework tasks - autumn 2 term

Weekly spelling list - autumn 2 term