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Spring Term

Dear Cheetahs,

I am very happy to have this great opportunity to say HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to all my little Cheetahs! You performed an amazing assembly and I could even say that everybody could see and appreciate your big effort! You remembered your lines, sang, danced and learnt a lot!


Thank you to all your parents who helped and supported you at all the times! They are as amazing as you are!


Thank you to Mrs. Nidhi, who has done a hard work as well. 


Thank you Cheetahs for making me smile and feel proud of you one more time!


Miss Martinez



Dear Cheetahs, 


Big congratulations for winning the attendance cup one more week!


Miss Martinez


Dear Cheetahs, parents and careers,


Next Wednesday will be performing our class assembly based on Castles. Children will be given their lines today. Please, make sure that you practice your lines and the song during this weekend. I know you are amazing actors and actress! On Monday, children will bring in a costume to wear on Wednesday. They will  need to dress up like princcess, prince, king, queen, knight... anything related to castles!


3, 2, 1... action!


Miss Martinez 


Dear Cheetahs, 


I just want to congratulate you all for your big effort coming in everyday on time this week. That was amazing! Well done to everybody. It was very nice and exciting when we were given the ATTENDANCE CUP today during Celebration Assembly! 


I am very proud of you!


M. Martinez

Dear Cheetahs,


Hope you all are well after our trip to Berkhamsted Castle. We had such a wonderful morning!!!

Next week, we are going to make our own castles out of junk modelling. So, if you have something at home that can help us to build fabulous castles, please bring it in. You can bring empty bottles of milk or water, toilet rolls, tissue boxes, ... It is up to you! Be creative!!


M. Martinez

Hi Cheetahs, 


This is our new show and tell rota. Please, note that you can be asked to show and tell on any day of the week starting on the date written at the table below.


 Thank you.



Miss Martinez



Week starting on the…




What do you want to do when you grow up? Why?

Kuba, Lois, David, Myriam


Prium, Isabella, Yuma, Eva


Mylee, Lincoln, Zahra, Joshua


Sabrina, Sawano, Matteo, Yingxue


Nina, Thandeka, Amrita, Ishe



Dear parents, 

This week we are celebrating our yearly Spanish week and Lanchester children are enjoying so much while they are learning and discovering new facts about the Spanish language. Ask them, they may surprise you with the data, such as how many countries have Spanish as their first language or how many people speak Spanish around the World. There are millions!!!


On Thursday 26th, Year 1 parents are invited to come in and have a look to the lovely work we have been doing during this week and watch a video that we all feel so proud of. The video will be shown at 4.15 pm on the same day in Year 6 classes and everybody is welcome.


On Friday 27th, Lanchester school will have a Spanish party in the afternoon. On this occasion just our students will attend. It will be taking place in the afternoon and children can bring some Spanish colour clothes to get changed. 


Thank you


Miss Martinez


We are all very cold and shivering! Winter weather came all as a sudden and we are very lucky because that provided us with such a lovely chance to go outside and observed Winter characteristics for our Science lessons. We learnt and enjoyed playing with the snow and feeling the cold on our faces. 


Miss Martinez


Dear Cheetahs and carers, 


Welcome back to school after your lovely break during Christmas I know that you all have had such a restful time but now it is time to work again!

Below you can find the new Show and tell rota for this bright new term. This time it is going to be about our favourite books. Miss Martinez will bring hers as well so you will have the chance to ask her interesting questions about her favourite story. 


Cheetahs show and tell rota – Spring 1 term






Bring in your favourite book.


Lois, Kuba, Eva, Amrita,Matteo


David, Sawano, Lucky, Prium, Sabrina


Joshua, Zahra, Yuma, Isabella, Ishe


Lincoln, Myriam, Nina, Mylee, Thandeka












Miss Martinez 

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