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An organisation 'Veolia' came into school to discuss how we could get started with using a compost bin!

'Veolia' - getting started with a compost bin!


An organisation came into school to support us in getting a compost bin set up to use. We are going to have a compost bin to put our fruit/veg peelings in. The visitors discussed with the children:

  • Where rubbish goes when it is collected by a truck - a landfill site (hole in the ground)
  • How we can recycle some rubbish instead of it going to a landfill site - composting
  • What compost is made of - fruit and veg peelings
  • What creature helps composting - worms
  • What worms like to eat - egg shells, cardboard, paper, teabags, banana skins, potato peel and leaves. They do not like citrus fruits!


Some amazing facts the children found out were:

  • The biggest landfill site is equal to 150 football pitches!
  • There are 2700 different Earth worms!
  • The largest Earth worm from South Africa is 22ft!
  • The oldest Earth worm is 50 years old!
  • Worms do not have eyes, ears or a nose so they use their wet skin to feel their way around the soil.

Worms are the best recyclers and live in a compost bin so we need to make sure we look after them in their houses (compost bin!)

Earth Day Assembly.

The school council had the opportunity to give the rest of the school information about what they had learnt about recycling and waste for our Earth Day assembly. They also shared ideas about how we could help our school including turning lights off to save energy, turning taps off and also introducing a compost bin for left over fruit and vegetables.

Earth Day Assembly

Earth Day Assembly 1
Earth Day Assembly 2
Earth Day Assembly 3
Earth Day Assembly 4
Earth Day Assembly 5
Earth Day Assembly 6

World Book Day.

The school council were given the opportunity to read their favourite story to a class in reception or another year 1 class. They all thoroughly enjoyed this great opportunity and the other children enjoyed their great reading!

World Book Day

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