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Maths in Sun Class

Maths in Sun Class

Maths in Sun Class 1
This week in maths the children have had lots of fun learning about doubling.They were confident to show doubling with numbers, pictorially and using different objects.

Science Week in Sun Class

The children in Sun Class had a fun week learning about the world, plants and habitat. They enjoyed making different experiments and finding out how to make bubbles, planting seeds and how to escape from the ice.


They were asking lots of interesting questions about how different animals live and where they go when the weather is changing. They were amazed by the Zoolab's visit where they had the opportunity to hold and stroke some animals such as '' Dave the giant snail'', '' Lilly the Milkshake snake'', ''Speedy the tortoise'' and ''Spiky the dragon''.

Learning the days of the week - Spanish style!

The children have been learning the days of the week in Spanish. They have been singing them in class to help them remember their names. We also learned a Mother's Day song in Spanish for them to sing to you this Sunday. We wish every mother a very happy Mother's Day. smiley

Maths in Sun Class

We have been learning all about money this week. The children have identified different coins and described their size, colour and shape.  They had a lot of fun trading money for goods in a pretend market stall. 

Dear Parents/Carers, 

Please see the Science Homework for next week!


Monday: What Rot!

Tuesday: Space Cafe

Wednesday: Upside-Down Food Science

Thursday: Yellow Submarine

Hope you enjoy! frown

Daily routines in maths

Daily routines in maths 1
In Sun Class, the children have had fun learning about the routines that we follow every day. They learnt to order the events in a day so that they understand how our day starts with the morning, how it moves into the afternoon and how it finishes with the evening and - hopefully as it is Reading Celebration Week - a lovely bedtime story! 

Reading Celebration Week

Next Monday 26th February marks the start of our Reading Celebration Week. We wanted to share with you the exciting events we have planned at school to mark World Book Day.


Share A Story Mornings

On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, you are invited to join us at the start of the school day to share a story with your child in their classroom. You are very welcome to stay until 9.15am. We just ask due to limited space that you choose to attend just one of the four morning sessions available.


Lanchester Readathon

We are also launching our Lanchester Readathon to raise funds for our brilliant new school library space. Every child has been given a Reach For The Stars Reading Challenge Form. All the children who successfully complete all 20 of the fun challenges will be awarded a Super Reader Certificate.


If you would like to sponsor your child to read, you can donate at Parents who contribute to the Lanchester Readathon will get a donation sticker dedicated in their child’s name in a new library book. Cash donations are very welcome too. Please leave these in a sealed envelope at reception marked with your child’s name.


Library Display

We are also creating a new display in the school library and we would love to receive photos of you reading with your child. If you have a photo you would like to share, please give them to your class teacher in a named envelope next week.


World Book Day Tokens

Every child will be given a £1 World Book Day Book Token. These can be spent in WH Smith, Waterstones and all good independent bookshops. You can also exchange the voucher for one of 10 exclusive, new and completely free World Book Day books.


Dress Up As Your Favourite Book Character

Next Friday 2nd March, we would love the children to come to school dressed as their favourite book character. For some good and inexpensive ideas, please do look at the dressing up gallery on the website

Picture 1

This week in Maths we learned all about numbers. We learned how to identify them, we learned how to show numbers in different ways, we learned how to order them and we learned that we can make groups of them and learned that we need to count how many in each group.


Show and Tell - Spring 2

Date Children
19th – 23rd February




26th February – 2nd March




5th – 9th March





12th – 16th March





19th – 23rd March






   This week in Maths we had lots of fun learning about 3 D shapes. The children founded it very excited exploring the 3 D shapes around the school taking pictures and making 3 D shapes using play dough.

World Book Day 2018

On Friday 2nd March we are celebrating World Book Day. Please send your child to school dressed as their favourite character from a book. 

Picture 1

This week we had Spanish week. We explored regions in Spain and we learned about Murcia and the traditional clothing people wear in Murcia.

This week in Maths we have been learning about length and how to estimate and measure different objects. 

This week in Phonics we challenged ourselves by extending our sentences using the new diagraph ng and nk.


This week in P.E. we enjoyed dancing using hula hoops. The children developed their coordination and movement. 


This week in Maths we had lots of fun learning about capacity. The children enjoyed showing full, empty, half full/empty, and nearly full/empty.



This week in Topic we incorporated the value of the month, thoughtfulness, with our story "The Smartest Giant in Town"

Today we went to the Church!


We had lots of fun and we learnt everything about a church. They showed us all the parts of a church and who works there!

We also talked about Christmas and what we want for this year!

Christmas is coming smiley

Dear Parents, 


Thank you to all the parents that have come to the "Welcome to the EYFS" meeting!

Please see below the Power Point that we used to introduce what we do in EYFS and also the Phonics Workshop.

Please, see the "Moon" Class Page.


I have also attached a video explaining the phonics sounds that we will be learning.

We will be concentrating on the simple sounds not the diagraphs.


Thank you, 


Miss Carrera

Dear Parents,


Thank you to all the parents that have come to the Maths Workshop this week!

We have had lots of fun and learnt amazing new things!


WoW Vouchers: At the school entrance, in our Grey Board for EYFS, you will have a plastic bag with Wow Vouchers! Please serve yourself and give them to the teacher when your children have done amazing things at home!


Next week we will have EYFS Parents meeting on:

_ Tuesday 28th at 3:15 pm.

_ Friday 1st at 9:00 am.

You don't have to attend both meetings, however you are more than welcome!


We will use this time to talk about Reception and also we will do a Phonics Workshop!


Hope you have a lovely weekend,


Dear parents/ carers of the EYFS,
We hope that you are all well and have received the part that your child is playing in the Christmas play. Please be aware that not all children have a speaking part in the play. If your child does have a speaking part the lines would have been sent out.
Please can we have costumes for all children in by Friday 1st of December in a bag that has your child’s name on it, also please label any clothes that they are using for the production.
The production dates and times are as follows:
A little bird told me 6th of December morning performance at 09:30am (no siblings are allowed).
8th  of December afternoon performance 2:00pm (parents and siblings welcome).

Next Friday 24th of November, we will give 2 tickets per child to use for the productions. If you would like more tickets please ask in the office. 

You do not need to come to both productions, however if you would like to, you are more than welcome. You do not need to inform the class teacher or the office about which production you are attending.
Many thanks
Miss Carrera, Miss Amado and Miss Nada 

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