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The JLT wants to thank EVERYONE who helped us to raise money in order to be able to help and support those who need it the most. 


We have raised the total of  £272.86!!!


Thank you very much!!


Well done JLT!!


Bake, bake, bake...


Some of our year 3 students approached to find out if we can hold a cake sale to raise money for a charity that they had become aware of .

Some of our children know a few people that have been effected by Cancer. They have asked me to help them set up a cake sale to raise money for the Amazing Charity Cancer Research.

The reason why I want to highlight this action is because it has come 100% from the children. Its is an amazing cause and I feel very proud of the children for wanting to help and support this charity in any small way they can.

They have been working very hard to get everything ready for the event. We look forward to seeing you on Friday.


Friday 23rd, Cake Sale will be held in the reception area at pick up times.


Any contributions to this sale would be appreciated but please remember no nuts! The stall will be run by the JLT.


Thank you very much!


JLT - M. Martinez


Welcome to our team!


The JLT is very aware of the importance of their role within the school. JLT makes decisions and contributions that will benefit the school as a whole.

Choosing a new headteacher is a huge responsibility! As the representatives of all the children at LCFS, JLT decided to put together some extra tricky questions for the candidates to make sure they got the best person for the school.

JLT were very professional in their roles on the interview panel asking questions and talking to the candidates.

They did an amazing job and assisted in helping us to make a decision on the new headteacher for Lanchester.

Congratulations JLT you have all been amazing.

Selling Children in Need Merchandise.

Selling Children in Need Merchandise.  1 Children in Need 2017
Selling Children in Need Merchandise.  2 Children in need 2017
Selling Children in Need Merchandise.  3 Children in Need
Selling Children in Need Merchandise.  4 Children in Need




See you soon M. Old


Our Inclusion Leader has an adventurous soul and she is going to be discovering wonderful places for a while.

In the mean time and in order to help us develop, learn and grow. The JLT was involved in the interview process to help us choose another person to join our team to help and support us.

JLT came up with a set of questions for the potential new Inclusion Lead and had the opportunity to be a part of the interview process and helped the SLT to decide on who would join our team.

We are Lanchester's JLT representatives. It’s our job to be the voice of the children at Lanchester. We will be working with Ms Martinez to represent our school and to improve our learning environment.

Lanchester JLT 2017-2018

In Year 1 our representatives are: Chloe, Malaki, Maisie, Martin, Alexander and  Charlotte.

In Year 2 our representatives are: Sienna, Nathan, Chinmayi and David.

In Year 3 our representatives are: Luke, Chryseis, Nikhil and Ava.

What is a Junior Leadership Team?

The Lanchester CFS Junior Leadership Team is a group of students who are elected by their peers to represent the views of all pupils and work together weekly to improve our school. 


Why do we need a Junior Leadership Team?

It is very important to allow pupils to have a say and to voice their opinions. Pupils need to discuss and raise their ideas which could help improve the school. Article 12 of The Convention of the Rights of the Child states that “Children have the right to say what they think should happen, when adults are making decisions that affect them, and to have their opinions taken into account.”


Lanchester CFS value the thoughts and opinions of all children. The Junior Leadership Team is one way of ensuring their thoughts are heard and considered. It enables the pupils of Lanchester to voice their opinions and for them to be listened to by the teaching team, which helps us to make good decisions for the school. We believe that pupils voice is an integral part of improving learning and teaching.

The Junior Leadership Team provides the pupils with many development opportunities.


What the Junior Leadership Team consists of . . .

  • Gives children the opportunity to voice their opinions and have their views taken into account to help make improvements to our school.

  • Enables pupils to be actively involved in the school and the wider school community.

  • Attend weekly meetings to discuss any new ideas and events which may be happening and bring their own or peers ideas.

  • Participate in and help to organise fundraising activities.

  • Responsible for communicating any new ideas with the rest of their peers and to represent all pupils.


How are the children selected?

All children in Year One and Year Two have the opportunity to say if they are interested in being part of the Junior Leadership Team. They then present their ideas as to why they would like to be part of the team and why they  feel they would be good for this role. The pupils are then elected by their peers and the boy and girl from each class with the majority of votes is elected to represent their class. 


What we did last year…

  • Last year the Junior Leadership Team were involved with an outside organisation – ‘Veolia’ who supported them to get the school up and running with ‘composting.’ This also encouraged the Junior Leadership Team to participate in ‘Earth Day’ assembly.

  • They organised a fundraising event to support Solar Aid which consisted of making ‘Diya Lamps’ and selling them.

  • They organised different events to celebrate ‘World Book Day’ and read their favourite book to the rest of the school.

  • Planned and organised a Pyjama Day to raise money for 'Children in Need' fundraiser. 

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