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At Lanchester CFS we believe that homework plays an integral role in supporting children's learning. After parent feedback we have reviewed our approach to homework and our aim is to provide challenging and engaging homework to support children in improving and achieving our high academic standards. In 2015/2016 we introduced an online aspect of homework for both reading and maths via Pearson’s active-learn- BugClub and Abacus. We have chosen to continue with BugClub and Abacus as we have seen rapid progress in reading and children’s eagerness to engage with their homework has increased.

  • Reading – children should be reading each night, recording this in their Reading Record Book. This does not have to be to an adult but studies have found how valuable and beneficial this can be. The Reading Record Book is a valuable home/school communication tool for how children are achieving in their reading homework.  We urge parents to remember to fill in the reading record books when ever their  child reads at home. All children have their Bug Club accounts and it is a great addition to the school reading books with opportunities to answer ready-made comprehension questions which the teacher has access to and can track progress.

  • Maths – children will be set maths homework which will usually be allocated to them through their Abacus account. The tasks are set based on the learning which is occurring in the classroom and outcomes of these tasks are visible immediately to the teachers in order for them to identify strengths and gaps in their learning.

Access to BugClub and Abacus can be found at


In KS1 children complete spelling homework from a list of 60 words each half term (for more information on our Spelling scheme please see our English  page under curriculum). 


Teachers will, on occasion, set challenge tasks to complete at home. These additional tasks will align with our units of inquiry and they promote research, creativity, deeper understanding and language.  We hope that this will broaden and extend those pupils who want to do more whilst ensuring that all children meet the expectations of our school.There will be occasions where children will be set engaging, hands on tasks to complete over holiday periods. These tasks will be in your child's homework book., in addition please ensure to check your class page regularly for information on these tasks. 

Each child has an exercise book for homework, where all homework activities are given and completed.