Lanchester Community Free School

...for a better future


At Lanchester, we aim to deliver an outstanding curriculum that develops the whole child through offering purposeful experiences with a clear progression in subject knowledge and skills. Our values and vision underpin all our curriculum planning. We aim to provide curriculum that has strong cross curricular links that have local, national and international dimensions. We endeavour to be responsive to children’s interest and often provide experiences that use environments that extend beyond the classroom. Through our hands on learning and child centred approach we create fun, enjoyable and memorable experiences. We value life-long learning and we aim to hold this value at the centre of all we create.

Teachers and other adults at Lanchester create a positive climate for learning in which pupils are interested and engaged. Teaching strategies, together with small class sizes, additional support and intervention, match individual needs. We recognise that all children are on their individual learning journey and at Lanchester we have high expectations for all students to progress and excel and we aim to promote a positive attitude to school where they believe they can achieve. Our values based education and our Building Learning Power developed from the work of Guy Claxton to develop resilience, resourcefulness, reciprocity and reflectiveness in all our children.


Lanchester CFS follows the new National Curriculum: for more information visit