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Have a read of our BLP Rationale:

By developing the 4 R’s; Reciprocity, Reflectiveness, Resourcefulness and Resilience, Lanchester children are learning to work together and independently, to persevere and use their imagination.



Reciprocity shows itself in learning through being ready, willing and able to learn as an individual or with others. This is made up of…

Independence – taking responsibility

Understanding when it is appropriate to learn by yourself or with others and being able to articulate yourself in a debate.

Collaboration – sharing and learning together

Understanding how to manage yourself in a collaborate project, respecting and recognising others and being involved in the team.

Empathy – listening to others and thinking about how they feel

Supporting others by listening to them to understand their point of view and putting yourself in their shoes.



Reflectiveness is the ability to think about the skills and learning involved in a task. This is made up of…

Planning – thinking about where you are going, how to get there and the challenges you might face

Thinking about where you want to go with your ideas, the action you will take to get there and the resources you will need to help.

Revising – changing plans to make it better

Being flexible and adapting plans to support your goals.

Distilling – what have I learned, it’s importance and how I can use it again

Reflecting upon what is being learned, taking the important features and using them to move forward.



This is about being ready, willing and able to learn in different capacities – using internal and external resources effectively and using appropriate ways of learning. This is made up of…

Questioning – asking questions

This is asking questions to yourself and others. Becoming curious and playful with ideas and going beneath the surface of the task.

Making links – connections

Seeing connections between disparate events and experiences; building patters and developing understanding.

Imagining – ‘what if…’

Using your imagination and intuition to divulge into new experiences and explore the endless possibilities.

Reasoning – explaining

Beginning to use your logical and rational skills to problem solve methodically; building strong arguments and detecting flaws in others.

Capitalising – choosing resource

Acknowledging the range of resources from the wider world – books, internet, experiences, people...



This involved being ready, willing and able to engage in learning – working through challenges when the pressure builds. This is made up of…

Absorption – involvement in learning

Losing yourself in learning and becoming absorbed in what you are doing.

Managing Distractions – yourself and others

Identifying and reducing distractions; having the ability to walk away and start again. Understanding and creating the perfect learning environment for yourself.

Noticing – details

Observing subtle patterns and details in experiences.

Perseverance – keep going

The ability to keep going when facing difficulties, and channelling frustration productively. Knowing that learning is a long journey and mistakes will be made. 

Here is an example of our interactive BLP displays!

Here is an example of our interactive BLP displays! 1 Tasks are given for the children to complete.
Here is an example of our interactive BLP displays! 2 Stamps are rewarded to those children.
Here is an example of our interactive BLP displays! 3 Examples of our BLP's are displayed.
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