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Autumn Term


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...And Christmas is closer every minute!

Today children at Lanchester CFS enjoyed watching our Pantomine The National Elf Service. We all had a lovely funny time.

Yesterday, the magic of Christmas arrived to Cheetah class. We were kindly given a wonderful Christmas tree that we all built up and decorated together, showing our BLP - collaboration. 

Thank you Mrs. Kerry for that lovely present!


Dear Parent, Caregiver, 

For our upcoming Carol Performance we would like the children to wear the following outfit:

- White/ gold tops

- Black bottons


Please, can you bring the clothes in a named bag into school by Monday 5th December. The children will keep their clother at school to get dressed into for both performances.


Thank you for your continued support,

KS1 Team.

Dear Cheetahs, 

Christmas time is coming very soon and we are all very excited. We are very busy practicing our songs at  school but it would be amazing if you can practice at home as well. Please, see the document below.


Thank you,


Miss Martinez

Thank you to the Friends of Lanchester for all your continued support. As a school we benefit from all your hard work and efforts. The funds raised have already purchased playground equipment, extra reading books, sports equipment, guitars and much more. If you have not had any involvement in the FoL there is never a better time than the present. With one of the biggest events about to occur: The Christmas Fayre, FoL need your support and so does Lanchester CFS. If you have any questions on how you can support please speak with Claire Masini or Yvonne Holdsworth. 

Dear Cheetahs, 


This half term our Show and tell will be about our talent. Cheetahs will be allowed to bring anything that they may consider appropriate to tell us about their special talent. That can be a special object, photo, clothes... Miss Martinez will show and tell about her special talent as well at some point during this half term. Please, see in the table below when is the day that you have been allocated. Thank you!






What is your talent? Bring in anything you may need to help showcase your special talent….



Kuba, Lois, David, Myriam


Prium, Isabella, Yuma, Eva


Mylee, Lincoln, Zahra, Joshua


Sabrina, Sawano, Matteo, Yingxue


Nina, Thandeka, Amrita, Ishe

Hi Cheetahs, 

We are back! I hope you had a break full of games, sleeping and joy but now we are back to school and ready to keep learning. 

I have got great news for you all. We are still running our dance PE lesson on Wednesdays for this half term, but unfortunately tennis will not be happening. 



Hi Cheetahs, 

Last week was a different one because we were very lucky and went to the Open Air Museum. There we had the chance to learn more about Victorian time by manipulating old tools and making a few things that we never thought we would make. 

It was an exciting experience for all of us due to the fact that we went on a double decker bus but not just that! We made butter, a brick and built a wall and we made candles and learnt secrets about lighting in olden times. 


Dear cheetahs, 


Miss Martinez managed to allocate you some more homework. This time is a different format. You will be able to do it on your Ipad! You have got more books and maths activities.

Have fun with it!

Remember, if you get stuck or need any help you can ask me next day.


Miss Martinez.

Yesterday, LCFS attended a special assembly because we got the time to choose our new JLT (Junior Leadership Team). Each Year 1 and Year 2 class had to vote for their own members to be part of this important team. Thandeka and Lincoln will represent Cheetahs in the JLT. 


Our Year 1 are very lucky because they are enjoying a very special PE lesson every Friday. They have a dance lesson where they enjoy learning beautiful choreografies. They love it!



This week has been a very full one! We have had a very important visitor. Tracey Curtis, a very famous pilot came to Lanchester CFS to share with our children her experience of flying to Australia and the whole World!! Year 1 and Year 2 had the chance to ask her for more details about her flights. Cheetahs enjoyed and learnt so much!

Thank you Tracey for coming to visit us. We wish you all the best in your adventure!



Autumn 1 Show and Tell.






Bring a baby or family photo

Lois, David, Kuba


Bring a baby or family photo

Sawano, Eva, Prium,


Bring in your favourite toy

Lincoln, Yingxue, Sabrina,


Bring in your favourite toy

Matteo, Zahra, Nina


Bring in your favourite toy

Amrita, Myriam, Mylee, Isabella


Bring in your favourite toy

Joshua, Yuma, Thandeka,


Dear Cheetahs and families,



Welcome to Year1!


I am very grateful because I can still see your amazing smiles every day. Last year you all started a new adventure at Lanchester Community Free School and I want you to be as cheerful as I remember you.


I am very excited about this new academic year and, to get to know you and your families better. I am also looking forward to a happy and meaningful time together.


Remember, I am your teacher and I would like to be your support and help when you need me.

Remember, I am your teacher and together we will create wonderful things.

Remember, I am your teacher and I will inspire you to make fabulous projects. 

Remember, I am your teacher and we will laugh and smile together.

Remember, I am your teacher and I believe in you. You are capable!

Remember, I am your teacher and I will help you to turn your dreams into reality.

Remember, I am your teacher and I will teach you to love your learning.

Remember, I am your teacher and I love you as you are.


Miss Martinez.


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