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Toy Workshop

Toy Workshop

The children got the opportunity to step back in time when they spent the afternoon playing with some old fashioned toys. In a special toy workshop, the friendly team from the British Schools Museum in Hitchin ( invited the children to play with popular toys from the past including a Jack-in-a-box. They tried out a game of hoopla and skittles, as well as gazing into a kaleidoscope. The session linked in with our learning in history where the children have been finding out more about life in Victorian Britain.

A special visitor for Year 1

The children really enjoyed their RE lesson last Friday when Dr Natalie Moss came into school to talk to the Year 1 pupils about her religion, Judaism. The children learnt all about the traditions Jewish people follow when worship at a synagogue. They enjoyed trying on the hats that Jewish men wear and a prayer shawl called a Tallit. They also sampled some traditional Jewish foods and drink. We’d like to say a big thank you to Dr Moss for making her talk so much fun for the children.

Naughty toys on the loose at Lanchester!

The children had a lot of fun today in their English lesson when they took their toys on an adventure in school. Last week they read the story the Naughty Bus – a brilliant picture book where a bus goes on an adventure racing through a plate of baked beans, knocking over a cup of tea before it accidentally falls into a pond.

Today they had to create their own story where their toy was naughty at school. Toys were spotted climbing up the railings, knocking over books and creating chaos all over the classrooms.

A big thank you for sending the toys to school with the children. We hope the toys are much better behaved now they have safely returned home.

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